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Looking for people in the greater Charlottesville, VA area to work with us in our Barboursville, VA office on HIWY29 North. You will help with improvements and constant changes to our websites and back shop. 

Company Basics:

  1. Any employee we hire needs to be a comfortable using computers and Microsoft PC products. Computers are used for our phones, production machines, sales and shipping. We are happy to teach you our software programs, but we have no positions for non-computer users.

  2. You can find out a lot about our history, products and services by checking out our websites - some homework on your part will give you a better feel for what we do and need from employees. 

  3. Please put some time into creating a well-written cover letter and resume' and email it to us. Put your best foot forward and we will enjoy hearing from you.
We are based in Greene County, outside of Charlottesville, Virginia not far from U.V.A. We welcome all with a legal status to work in the United States and encourage diversity, and of course, are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Jr.Web Designer/ Graphic Artist:

Looking for the right person to help us make improvements to our websites, and assist with graphics and production. This could be a great start to a career as a graphic artist, web designer and more. You will add to your portfolio with real-world commercial work while helping us improve our websites, printed information, and actual products sent to customers. While you will learn much from our pioneering internet company, you must posses excellent basic to intermediate computer and business skills. You will also be trained to use our commercial equipment ( signage, embroidery etc.) to turn customer ideas into actual products. We are using a hosted Microsoft platform using industry standard CSS, html and Javascript for all our e-commerce websites.

The following skills are required: 
  • Work experience
  • 1+ years experience in web design in Dreamweaver (Your design experience can be combined with school training)
  • Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator. We are looking for practical skills for improving product pictures, creating graphics (for web and vector art) 
  • Understanding of CSS / HTML 
  • Portfolio of previous projects (school projects, web, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office skills including: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point (Access a Plus)
  • An understanding and use of social media; including Twitter, YouTube and others 
  • Comfortable with a wide variety of changing projects and tasks

Ideal candidates would also have any of the following:

  • Other Adobe products (we have the full suite available)
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic understanding and interest in learning Search Engine Optimization when improving sites
  • An interest or background in Safety, First Aid, EMS, Fire, Police, Medical or related areas.
Send your resume and cover letter to SafetyStore.com. 

Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Looking for an experienced designer progressing or returning to the industry. Someone that not only recognizes, but also makes needed fixes to our family of websites. Someone who is on top of industry developments so our company can make the most cost effective improvements to increase revenue. Unlike larger company's IT, graphics and marketing departments, most work here is done in-house by just a couple of people. You get to see the results of your efforts. 

Our websites appeal to different customers and industries so you will get an opportunity to create and manage a different look and feel for each in "Responsive" website style format. Your pride of ownership of this work, completion of tasks and projects is key to giving the customer a great experience. You will we creating and tweaking new formats to help our websites show well on any device. You will also help the company analyze ROI by tracking website progress and improvements. If you like a challenging yet creative environment and really want to put your stamp on a successful portfolio of websites - show us what you've got. 

The following skills are required:

  • Years of experience in web design (We use Adobe Suite)
  • 3+ years experience with Photoshop & Illustrator skills intermediate and above
  • Strong understanding of CSS / HTML
  • Portfolio
Ideal candidates would also have as many of the following as possible:
  • Experience working for E-Commerce in the Windows environment
  • Strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics, Adwords and other apps and tools
  • Experience with scripting environments such as ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript Bootstrap
  • Basic photography and web video skills 
  • Comfortable using some type of video editing software (including audio tracks) for uploads to YouTube and other sites. 
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills including: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point (Access and/or SQL a Plus)
  • An understanding and use of social media; including Twitter, YouTube and others 
  • Comfortable with a wide variety of changing projects and tasks.
  • An interest or background in Safety, First Aid, EMS, Fire, Police, Medical or related areas.
Send your resume and cover letter to HR SafetyStore.com. 

Customer Service / Office Assistant:

We need help with order entry, order taking and keeping the orders moving through the system. But more than a "generic order taker" someone that will help the customer get the right product for their needs. Around the world, people will count on you to cheerfully help them place or update their orders. We are looking for a quick learner with excellent computer and phone skills who can also help keep the office organized through the chaotic ever-changing work day. 

The following skills are required:
  • Office Work experience.
  • Excellent phone skills with a pleasant demeanor to create detailed messages and order taking.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills to an intermediate level including: Word, Outlook, and Excel (Access a plus) Being able to Mail Merge, set up Excel macros, and using any advanced features to shorten tasks will set you apart quickly.
  • You write well and proofread your work preventing a typo or grammar error from leaving the office.
  • A comfortable Internet user that enjoys using the Internet for information and research
  • Enjoys learning new skills and working on projects to streamline the backshop.
  • Prompt, and dependable
Ideal candidates would also have:
  • An interest or background in Safety, First Aid, EMS, Fire, Medical or related areas. This makes it easier to relate to the customers needs.

Sales and Marketing:

In today's economy, many talented people have been sidelined. Are you looking to re-enter or move up to the next level of sales or marketing management? Need a place to prove your ideas and growth? Would you be comfortable creating sales and marketing programs targeted toward niche markets or State and Federal government agencies? Are you unafraid of developing potential customers across the country (from the office) and making a sale tailored to the customer's needs? After seeing our products, could you see yourself implementing great ideas and generating a million dollars in new company sales from your efforts? Then we need to talk:

The following skills are required:
  • Proven background in Sales:
  • Ability to create a workable sales program.
  • Understand the difference between "marketing theory" and true results-driven marketing & sales programs.
  • Comfortable initially being a one-person band with an eye to building and managing a team.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills: Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Competent Internet user that enjoys using the internet for information and research
  • Ability to create professional, confident, in-person or video web sales presentations.
  • Ability to create competitor/product Pros and Cons data to enhance to sales efforts. 
  • Open to using technology for tracking sales and marketing performance, communication etc.
An added plus:
  • Strong understanding of E-commerce, Internet marketing, social media or related areas.
  • Promotional Products experience
  • An interest or background in any of the following Emergency Management, Safety, First Aid, EMS, Fire, Police, Medical or related areas.