Chamberlain Blank Nursing Graduation Candle Lamp
Chamberlain College Blank Nursing Graduation Lamp of knowledge

Chamberlain Blank Nursing Graduation Candle Lamp

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Chamberlain Blank Nurses Graduation Lamp
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Chamberlain College Nurses Graduation Lamp of Knowledge, Includes Candle. Dim: 3 1/2" high x 6" long These lamps are carried by graduates in a beautiful pinning ceremony unique to nurses. The lamps include the cost of shipping as a group to your school. They will arrive a few days before graduation.  Please note:  this is a blank lamp.  To order a lamp with the Chamberlain logo, click here.

Our lamps will make a wonderful addition to your pinning ceremony or reception for the graduates. It is a great keepsake for any nurse.
A little factoid: The symbol of the lamp of knowledge is part of where we get the phase "burning the midnight oil" in reference to studying late. Something these medical graduates know well.

Click here if you would like to upgrade to a full color lamp with Chamberlain College emblem and optional graduate name and CLASS OF 2017 

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